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If you’re looking to do business in English, take a business English class with me or hire me as your accent reduction coach to help you improve your American English accent so that you can have a more meaningful business English conversation the next time you walk into the office.

If any of this sounds familiar,

you're in the right place!

You want to be able to learn effective communication skills In English

You’re smart. You work hard.

And you wish you had the spoken and written English language skills to really say what you want easily and clearly; better communication skills to work with your team effectively and with ease; a sure-fire way to connect with your English-speaking customers and co-workers to help you prove your expertise and move forward in your career.


The only problem is...

  • You don’t know what’s wrong
  • You don’t know how to fix it
  • You don’t know where to start.

You wish you could wave a magic wand to make it easy for you to break through the barriers to clear communication in your life. You wish you could speak better in English.

Think about what your life would be like if...

… you no longer have to struggle to get your message across and had the courage to share your thoughts and ideas in English.

That's exactly why I created @CathleenElise - to help you master the fine art of English for business.

"I really want to thank you, Cathleen, for all of your help in class. You made class interesting, fun, and relevant to our needs. For me, personally, you made difficult concepts easy to understand and have helped me improve my fluency and ability to think in English way beyond what I expected or imagined. Because of you, I am now able to present to my native English-speaking colleagues with a confidence that projects my expertise. Thank you, again for all you have done for me and my career."
Head Corporate Counsel/ESL Student

When you work with me, you'll get...

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Get started with @CathleenElise by taking a look at the helpful tips and information you’ll find on the Blog at @CathleenElise. Here you’ll find information on the art of communication as well as the art of communicating in English on the job, because the more you understand how to communicate effectively in any language, the better you’ll be able to communicate in your new language. 


Every episode of this new-born podcast brings you the spoken version of the blog plus more helpful information as the need arises.

Here, I’ll answer common questions as well as reader-submitted questions, let you know about great resources that will make your language learning easier, and all sorts of other stuff that you’ll need to improve your fluency.


Check out the shop for an ever-expanding catalogue of lessons, ESL worksheets, workbooks, courses, memberships, and other great stuff to give you topic-specific help with your fluency level and understanding of English grammar and culture.

"Hi Cathleen, Hope all is well with you. I’m very excited to share with you the judge’s commentary on my [English language] book. I didn’t win one of the prizes, but the judge’s comments are more than I expected ("Outstanding" ratings in every category). It’s giving me the confidence that I seem to need so often to keep moving forward. Thank you for working with me on this project. I couldn’t have done it without your help and support. Our efforts paid off."
Martine L. Whitman - Author of When the Stars S.H.I.N.E.
Martine L. Whitman
Native French-Speaking Author of When the Stars S.H.I.N.E.

Here's how I work:

I always find that the best results in anything are obtained when there is a personal connection to the work at hand. For this reason, I make it a point to hold an initial consultation with each student to discuss your goals for and needs from the project, as well as to get a feel for personal tastes and style.

For group language courses, I will assess your proficiency level before placing you in a class to make certain that you are challenged without being overwhelmed.

Working with me, you'll get

  • The wisdom of my decades of training that I can’t wait to share with you so that you can master the art of effective communication in English.
  • The value of my 360- degree approach to teaching and learning that focuses on the ways you learn best and teaches you a topic from all angles and viewpoints, thus allowing you to fully absorb the information and truly acquire the knowledge (rather than just learning it for the moment).
  • The tangibles that help you learn faster and remind you what’s important. Developing new products, trainings, and lessons, as well as complementary tip sheets to make your learning journey easier and lighten your load is another reason why I started @CathleenElise. I simply love creating top-level resources that you just can’t find anywhere else. 

Working with me is Risk Free

Full refunds on services, such as coaching, live-taught classes (virtual or in person), and memberships will be available within 14 days of purchase.

You can read the full terms and conditions here.

Terms + Conditions

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

You can do this even if...

You think you don't have time

Working with me allows for so many options to improve your life around your schedule – from 1:1 custom coaching to lunchtime learning that adds value to your life and career without taking from your busy day.

You think you can't learn

So many people had bad experiences in school as kids so they think they can’t learn. I am here to change that. My focus is on you and how you learn best. My focus is on producing the results you want and need, not the results a school system demands.

You can do this! I am here to make that happen for you.

You think you've done fine without better language skills

Sure. You have done well with what you have. My question to you is, “Why not make your life even better?” 

At this point I've given you all the information I have to help you decide if working with me is the right next step for you. 

Don't forget, classes fill up quickly so reserve your spot now.

If you’re still on the fence, just schedule a call with me here and let me know what’s holding you back. I’ll let you know if I think you’re a good fit or not since making an investment in yourself before you’re ready isn’t going to help you – and I am here to help you.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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