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Let’s face it, we can all use a little help when it comes to improving the relationships in our lives– be they with family and friends, co-workers, or people in our wider community. As our lives get more and more hectic and uncertain, it’s easy to rush through our days trying to get stuff done (because that’s what we are told is the measure of our worth).

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Introduction to Communication: What Communication Is and How We Use It

Introduction to Communication: What Communication Is and How We Use It It seems such a simple concept, communication. When we look at the definition as relayed by Merriam-Webster, we find that the concept of communication is, in fact, quite simple: “com·​mu·​ni·​ca·​tion |  kə-ˌmyü-nə-ˈkā-shən   Definition of communication 1a: a process by which information is exchanged

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Introduction to the Communication Cycle

Within each step of the process, there are endless combinations of components working together which produce a particular result. This result then triggers the next step in the communication process with its own set of variables working to produce a particular result. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. For example,

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In our scramble to make ends meet and try to make a better physical life for ourselves and those we love, it is easy to take that personal side of our lives for granted, to assume that it will take care of itself and be there when we are ready to focus on it. Here is where we need

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Making Connections

I thought it would be advantageous to look at the act of making connections from the opposite angle – that of someone who is confident and outgoing; of someone who does not struggle with reaching out to someone new.
So, What Does It Mean to Be Outgoing?
Many people confuse being outgoing with being extroverted (likewise with being shy and being introverted), so let’s clear that up now.

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How to Develop Amazing Personal Connections

Dancing in the dark. It sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Most of the time it is. If we know how to dance (or aren’t afraid to learn as we go), are comfortable with ourselves, trust the person with whom we’re dancing, and are able to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, dancing

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Let me help you @CE this day.

I help those who struggle with getting people to listen to them; who struggle with relationships at work, at home, and in their communities to @CE the fine art of communicating effectively so that you can ease the struggle to get stuff done as well as get along with your family , friends, and co-workers and gain more peace in your life.

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