Helping to make teaching and learning English an adventure adult learners and their teachers love.

Teaching English Grammar: 7 Super Strategies for Success (that Actullay Work)

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I help adult ESL students and their teachers learn to love learning English


If you're looking for a personal, 360-degree approach to English fluency, you'll find it right here.

As a writer and certified TEFL instructor with a specialty in teaching business English, combined with my thirty years of experience as a corporate customer relations expert, I am here to help those who want to advance their careers through a better understanding of American business English and culture, those looking to improve their English fluency in general, and all those teaching English to adult learners who are looking for help with planning, teaching tips, and other aspects of running the classroom. 

English for Business

If you’re looking to improve your English fluency in the office so that you can finally get your message across clearly, concisely, with the authority you deserve, and without the crippling fear of speaking to your native English-speaking colleagues, you’re in the right place. 

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Learning English

If you want to learn the foundations of the English language and culture or take your fluency in English to a higher level for yourself, your career, or your future so that you can stop spinning your wheels and finally get unstuck, you’re in the right place. 

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Teaching English

If you’re an English teacher who teaches adults and you’re looking for help with

*managing your time, your students varying needs, and keeping English interesting and relatable to you and your students

*how to understand the specific emotional needs of adult learners so you can teach effectively

*completed lessons and done-for-you lesson plans & curricula, plus other back-end classroom management resources that ensure you are giving your students a top-notch education in English,

then you’re in the right place. 

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What a pleasure it is to meet you!

I help you master the fine art of communicating in English on the job, at home, and in your community without the fear of speaking with native English speakers.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You want to improve your written and spoken English so you can get a better job (or do a better job in the one you have). 

  • You are sick and tired of working on so hard to understand English and just can’t seem to make sense of it. 
  • You are trying to develop better English fluency skills in order to be able to meet new people, have people take you seriously, and get the most out of your relationships with other English speakers. You’re smart and you want to show it.  
  • You want a reliable place to get quality resources for your own learning or for your ESL classroom. You want resources designed specifically for the adult learner who is serious about learning English. 
  • You are an ESL teacher who cares deeply about your students and wants a place to go to get teaching tips, a community of like-minded teachers, as well as teaching and planning resources that are done for you (or printable templates that give you a proven structure and framework to build with).

That’s why I started @CathleenElise; to help you master the fine art of communicating in English; to finally have the life you dream of without all the stress and strain of always feeling like a stranger.

The thing about the English language is that there are so many moving parts

that it's hard to keep anything straight or know where to start.

If you’re ready to finally get a handle on this, if you’re ready to stop struggling with your English and finally get somewhere, I’ve got just the thing for you.

As we move forward together on this journey, we’ll walk through the mysterious world of the English language and culture (specifically, the English and culture of America), looking at it from all sides; digging deep to uncover what makes native English speakers tick (why we do what we do) as well as how to make the changes needed to improve how we communicate in English with those around us.

Many of the changes are simple with near-instant results while others might take more effort and need more time to blossom, but it’s all worth the effort.

So, when you join me, I’ll hold your hand through the whole process. The blog, podcast, resources, courses & memberships, and the newsletter are all packed with information, tips, and plenty of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in order to drastically improve your English fluency for the better from day one. 

It's time to stop wishing that you could understand English better

You can learn to master the English language in spite of everything that hasn’t made sense so far.

It all starts with changing the way you think about learning a language. It all starts with you.

Imagine if you could…

  • Speak with confidence and clarity.
  • Learn how to fit in and feel comfortable interacting with native English speakers.
  • Develop a solid foundation in English grammar – one that makes sense to you – so that you can not only speak fluently but write fluently also. 

Imagine how far you could go.

I can help you get there.


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